My Story

I started my journey into the performing arts at a young age. For 15 years I enjoyed dancing competitively with the Hackworth School of Performing Arts and later went on to join the Dance Team at the University of New Haven. Throughout high school and middle school I took advantage of the theatre and modeling opportunities. I first found love for acting and all things shiny at the age of 12 when I was cast as Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ and wore those incredible ruby slippers. The best part was that my father had made those slippers for me. It was a little later on when I finally mustered up the courage to pursue the arts professionally. When you have a light inside of you, you must honor it.  My parents have always supported me in all of my pursuits and continue to be my number one fans today.

I would consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Having majored in Dental Hygiene, studying abroad in Costa Rica honing my Spanish, and possessing an insane amount of eclectic hobbies, I am very grateful for all of my experiences.


Performing allows me to blend my multi-passions of dancing, acting, and storytelling together. I look forward to moving mountains with my art and hope to influence the minds of those who share the same dreams and encourage them to do so. 


Fun Facts:

Favorite Color: Purple

Animal Lover and Cat Mom

I love to paint, crochet and drink tea.  

I always try to leave the people I meet better off than when I first met them.

I have traveled to 10 different countries and counting!

Favorite Mantra: Live Your Life Like It's Golden!


Please enjoy the site and I hope you find everything you need.

May the joy be with you,



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